Verona 316 wide
The All-New Galileo Verona II is an incredible performance instrument
that combines advanced features at a budget price. Perfect
for piano students or music enthusiasts, the Verona II starts with
an authentic Graded-Hammer keyboard to correctly develop piano
technique, and adds a built-in learning program as well as a number
of high-quality professional sounds. You can record yourself on
the built-in 2 track sequencer and even connect your Verona II to
your tablet or computer through the USB and audio connections.
There are 3 full-function piano pedals, a sliding key cover, elegant
console-style legs, Headphone connections and a matching piano
bench! The Verona II—the perfect piano for your home!


  • KEYBOARD – 88-note, Graded Hammer-Action keyboard
  • VOICES – 15 Voices, 5 buttons + a variation button
  • VOICE MODE – Upper, Layer, duet
  • SOUND EFFECTS – Reverb and Chorus
  • CONTROL BUTTONS – Transpose, Tempo, Setup, Metronome, Demo, +/-,
  • SETUP – Tuning, Octave, Touch response, Volume Balance
  • DEMONSTRATION – 10 orchestra songs, each voice has a demo music piece
  • TEACHING – 58 Lesson songs, right / left hand training
  • RECORDING – 2 tracks
  • DISPLAY – 3 X 7-segment LED
  • AUXILIARY JACKS – Headphone x 2, Line Out, Line in, MIDI In/Out, USB
  • PEDALS – Sustain Pedal, Sustenuto Pedal, Soft Pedal
  • AMPLIFIER – 10W x 2
  • DIMENSIONS – 1377mm x 510mm x 862mm
  • Verona RSW – VIP $1,995   MSRP $2,495