At Galileo Music, we are committed to providing our customers total satisfaction.

The Ten Main Advantages of Galileo Digital Pianos:

  1. No Maintenance
  2. Beautiful Cabinets
  3. Record yourself internally and to disk
  4. Never becomes obsolete
  5. Never need tuning (saves time AND money)
  6. Can be played silently with headphones (play anytime)
  7. Ability to connect to today’s media (iPods, Computers, Home Stereo, etc..)
  8. Smaller design fits in most spaces & saves natural resources (better for the environment)
  9. More affordable
  10. Variety of sounds and features makes learning and playing more FUN



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Tuners/Lessons/Piano Values: If you are looking for a piano tuner or a music teacher – please use the “Contact” form. Be sure to include your city, state and piano information. For a teacher – include your age/skill level.  If you’d like to find a value for your older or used piano, click here. We hope you find these links useful!

Service: If you need to have your Galileo product serviced, please contact your piano reseller directly.

Consumer Limited Warranty

4 Years
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year

Register your product by clicking here: Your registration of your Galileo piano will assist you in establishing your date of warranty eligibility. We do not sell mailing lists and all information entered is maintained completely confidential. Galileo pianos have one of the best digital piano guarantees in the business (4 year limited guarantee)! Be sure to fill out your warranty registration card and send it in as soon as you have your new piano in your home.

Digital Piano Customers:
You can review, and print a copy of your warranty by finding the appropriate link below.
For Galileo digital piano warranty click here

Galileo Resellers:
If you’re an authorized Galileo reseller, you benefit from Galileo’s “Intelligent Distribution”
1. Made Right (see our environmental policy)
2. Shipped Right (saves time and resources)
3. Sold Right (dealer development program)

Our contact info:

GW Distribution, LLC – distributor of Galileo Pianos


Jay Valle – jayrvalle@aol.com
Greg Galanti – nam.gregory@gmail.com